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About us

SODABERG CHOREOGRAPHIC LABORATORY is an artistic organisation founded in 2006 in Zagreb and it is professionaly registered with the Ministry of Culture of Republic Croatia.

SODABERG CHOREOGRAPHIC LABORATORY is a work, development and production platform for authorial works of contemporary dance, choreography and expanded choreographic expertise. The main focus of the organization is the expertise in dance and expertise in choreography. Within this specific work focus, the organisation has developed a range of various formats.

Specific focuses of the organization are:

Since its founding in 2006, the organization has realized more than 25 performative, research and intermedia artistic works in collaboration with numerous international and regional organizations: East Dance Academy (CDU (Zagreb), National Dance Centre (Bucharest), Maska (Ljubljana), Tanzquartier (Vienna) and Allianz Kulturstifftung), Impulstanz Vienna, DanceWEB Europe Vienna, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Ufestudios Berlin, Oper Dynamo West Berlin, Tanzfest Görlitz, International Dance Theatres Festival Lublin, tanz schritt weise Graz, International Performing Arts Festival Lahore, Barutana Osijek, Festival of Dance Sanvincenti, Dance Week Festival in Zagreb, Zagreb Dance Centre, Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance, Festival, Teatar &TD / SC in Zagreb, curatorial collective WHW at Gallery Nova in Zagreb, EkS-scena Zagreb, Santarcangelo dei Teatri (Italy), within the project Choreoroam Europe 2011 with CSC Bassano del Grappa / Opera Estate Festival, The Place (London), Rotterdam Dansateliers, a-2/Certamen Choreography Paso de Madrid, within the project W-Est_Where with Teatro Viriato Viseu (Portugal), RE.AL Lisbon and many more.

In 2008 our choreographic work was selected for Enhanced danceWEB Europe Contemporary Dance Co-production Programme, which includes 28 renowned European institutional partners in the field of contemporary dance.

In 2010 our work was nominated for T-HT Award of Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. In 2014 our work received a relevant Croatian Theatre Award for an outstanding choreographic achievement and Annual Award of Croatian Dance Artists Association, also for the choreographic achievement.

Structurally, SODABERG CHOREOGRAPHIC LABORATORY is a stable organisation which considers it relevant to create a firm link towards upcoming and emerging dance artists and which insists on the environment that encourages and opens mutual developing and working.

Artistic director of the organization is choreographer and author Marjana Krajač, production and communication is carried by Anita Klapan, continuous development of graphic and visual projects is signed by Valentina Toth. 
Within the realisation of different projects, organisation has by now collaborated and worked with numerous relevant regional and international dance artists, authors, theoreticians, editors, curators as well as numerous other dance field experts.