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About us

SODABERG CHOREOGRAPHIC LABORATORY is research and production platform based in Zagreb (Croatia), with focus on contemporary dance, choreography and expanded choreographic practice. Focal point of the organization is expertise in dance and expertise in choreography, within which we developed a range of various formats.

SODABERG CHOREOGRAPHIC LABORATORY was founded in 2006 as art organization and is officially registered at the Ministry of Culture of Republic Croatia. Our work is regularly supported by the Ministry of Culture of Republic Croatia, City Office for Culture Zagreb, Foundation Kultura Nova, Zagreb Dance Centre and numerous other venues and institutions that have contributed or collaborated on our various projects.

Between 2006 and 2018 we developed and produced wide range of choreographic, dance, research and publishing works that received relevant visibility and acclamation on the levels of artistic reviews as well as theoretical reflections and analysis.

Structurally, SODABERG CHOREOGRAPHIC LABORATORY considers it relevant to create a firm link towards upcoming and emerging dance artists and insists on environment that encourages and promotes exchange, diversity and continuous education as well as social, political and environmental awareness.

Artistic director of the organization is choreographer and author Marjana Krajač, production and communication is carried by Anita Klapan, development of graphic and visual projects is signed by Valentina Toth. Across different projects, organization is regularly collaborating and working with numerous regional and international dance artists, authors, theoreticians, editors, curators as well as numerous other dance, theatre and art field experts.

In 2016, SODABERG CHOREOGRAPHIC LABORATORY celebrated a ten-year anniversary with the conference titled Construction of the Perspective that took place in March 2016 in Zagreb and has published an extensive monograph titled O plesu i iz(a) plesa (From and Behind Dance) featuring texts and contributions of some of the prominent dramaturgs, theorist and artists from the region. Upon its release it has received a substantial acclamation as a valuable publication of artistic memory in contemporary dance, processing on different levels a period of structural and contextual challenges in post-transitional Croatia. Noting choreographic practices and points of interest, O plesu i iz(a) plesa concludes a relevant ten-year period of artistic work drafting out some stepping-stones for the future.